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Wine is an ancient but also a modern drink, which consumption is associated with sophistication and a good lifestyle. The oldest archaeological evidence of wine production comes from the Caucasus region and dates from 7000 to 6000 BC.
Over time, wine has become part of the lifestyle of many nations and cultures. A subculture is formed around it, including tasting, gourmet dining, tourism, wine collecting and investments. The culinary tradition links wine to food, but it is also a drink that awakens the spirit and makes people have fun.
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10 things about Prosecco
Prosecco used to be the name of the grape from which the wine was made. However, in 2009, the Italian government changed the name of the grape from Prosecco to Glera. At the same time, the region of production became registered in the EU as ‘Prosecco DOC’ (Denominazione di Origine Controllata or Denomination of Controlled Origin), to restrain imitators from using the name Prosecco for low quality products. As a result, outside the DOC wineries cannot use the word Prosecco on the label.
The name ‘prosecco’ comes from the Slovenian ‘prosek’, meaning ‘path through the woods’. Prosecco is the name of a village, which is now a suburb of the city of Trieste in northeastern Italy. This is a place, where Prosecco production began.
The superior Prosecco comes from the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. The Prosecco Road or La Strada del Proseccois a 40 km corridor that connects the towns of Coneglio and Valdobbiadene.
When opening a bottle of Prosecco, the cork could be very fast, up to 25MPh! So be careful and chill well!
Prosecco is so popular and loved by so many people, that it has inspired the “Be There in a Prosecco” nail color.
According to Food & Wine, the first Bellini (you can find the recipe on our website) was actually made with Prosecco and not champagne. So, use La Fama for this great cocktail!
Even though the most popular Prosecco is sparkling (spumante and frizzante), this wine can also be made still! However, it is so rare that usually it is available only in Italy
A glass of red wine has 125 calories while most sparkling drinks only have 90! Enjoy!
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Where did it come from?
Super-fast cork!
It has fewer calories than still wine
Prosecco Road
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Nail color
Terraced landscape where Prosecco grapes are grown is so breathtaking that Veneto's “Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene” has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, deemed to be worthy of recognition and protection for its natural beauty.
Prosecco and other sparkling wines are said to be good for heart circulation and for keeping your mind sharp. A glass a day keeps the doctor away. Stay healthy!
Stay healthy!