A story yet untold
And then one day, when hovering over the earth, our spirit came to hear the long and loud song of bugles, summoning people to the square. Being of an extremely curious nature, spirit 56798 would not miss such an event for the world.
So it watched a victorious prince, who had just returned from a war, ascend a magnificent pedestal. The whole city was gathered to glorify his deed. As the prince sat on his throne, a scribe standing beside him read out a list of his victories. The throng stood silent. When the scribe had finished, the people in the crowd gave some inarticulate shouts and then dispersed about their business. The spirit, who incidentally could not tolerate boredom and had listened to the praising of the hero with joy and inspiration, found the whole event monstrously boring. It felt that people should be having fun and rejoicing in the name of the glorious hero and that the whole occasion should be a lot more festive.
Wasting no more time, the spirit quickly came flying around the square, lighting all the candles placed around the perimeter. The crowd stopped in its tracks to marvel at this miracle. And then, as if by magic, corks came popping out of the barrels of wine and beer that stood nearby. Infected with the spirit of fun and celebration, the prince, who had, of course, been watching it all, ordered everyone to fill their glasses with as much as they could drink. Though exulted, our spirit knew its work was not yet done. As it came dashing around the musicians and whispering something in their ears, the square was filled with loud and cheerful music. The crowd, the courtiers, and the soldiers started to celebrate, to share stories about the battles, to sing and dance. This was the moment when the prince came to feel for the first time that his victories were important and brought joy and peace to his lands. Deeply moved, he whispered, "Thank you," into the air, and our spirit, full of pride and joy for its act, was rendered momentarily speechless. It was the first time that a person had offered our spirit their thanks and the first time it had done something it was good at and had achieved results.
Looking down upon the celebration, the higher angels realized that our spirit had a talent that none of them possessed. This was an absolutely unique occasion. When our spirit, having had enough fun, returned to the heavenly abode, the angels summoned it to a council.
Surrounded by majestic angels, the spirit stood in a fateful circle, awaiting their verdict. Finally, the silence was broken by a stern, clear voice that said: "Spirit, you have found your calling. From now on, you will be called Gloria, and you will bring joy and celebration to the world of people!" Simultaneously, the spirit began to take on a body and to turn into a proper angel. Two large wings opened behind her back, and in the fateful circle stood Gloria – the angel of glory, celebration, and fun.
At 4,700 years old, spirit 56798 was still very young and for a long time, was unable to find its vocation. Battlefields made it decidedly scared, ministering caused it to become restless and talkative, and the earth creatures it took upon itself to guard kept finding themselves in hot water. The higher angels had all but despaired of finding a way in which this erratic being could serve people properly.